These Daily Spitpaints are really useful to keep me motivated. Even if the results aren't quite satisfying, they teach me what I really have to look out for, and keep you going, even if you don't feel like it.
Here's the whole bunch of the last weeks, max. 30 minutes each, each for a different topic.
Check out the facebook group, if you haven't yet, I can really recommend that practice

I figured out that I had to practice being efficient with my brushstrokes. So here's a 30 minute study of the female figure :)

And a 30 min. study of a female face, and with a try to get it from memory. I think the structure's okay, but I totally forgot how the skintones looked O:

I'm also attending a drawing/painting class and I started bringing my Tablet, so I could also do some coloured studies. We're just painting fruits and leaves, but I find that really helpful. The atmosphere is also quite encouraging and I learn a lot. There may come more of those! All about 1,5 h

And here's an unfinished study ... Don't know if I'll finish :P 

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