Spitpaints and SCS

So... I started doing these Daily "Spitpaints" (aka Speedpaints)
I'm really not good at painting stuff fast, but I just keep doing it. Looking at all the great artwork everyday is kind of depressing. Somehow I'm asking myself how I could ever come up with all those cool ideas and compositions in that short amount of time. Not even to mention the artistic skills (but those somehow seem less scary, as I know I just have to keep practicing)

I envy all those artist that have these cool, dynamic ideas, and I just wonder how I can learn to create this kind of stuff myself :O
Anyway, here you go. A bunch of speedies...

And as Screenshot studies Always seem to be a good idea, I continued those as well. Damn, I feel productive, despite my 16 hour schedule! :D

Oh, and I also forgot to show some more Artwork I did for "Das schwarze Auge" Spuren der Verheißung. They're already pretty old... Last year in summer I think. Wow. Time passes!

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