Schedules, practice and stuff

I really don't want to let this blog die. So here's a little update.

In August I painted my first cover. Yay! 

As I'm just part time freelancing while having a 40 h week with my full time job, I worked on this every weekend and free hour during the whole summer, squeezing in a few studies too. After that I was quite burned out, and a little regretful, too, as my husband could go out, meet friends and have ice-cream, while I stayed inside and painted all day.
 So I took a few weeks off to spend time with people, just painting and drawing a few sketches. I also felt that I had to think about what I really wanted. I read a few books about how to find that out and came to the conclusion, that what I needed was a schedule that allowed me to cramp in all the stuff I wanted to do while still having some free time that I can spend with my family and friends. The result was quite surprising as it only left about 16 hours a week that I can spend freelancing or working on personal projects. Oops. Not quite the number I expected. But I told myself that it was way better to spent 16 hours of quality time on my freelance stuff and not feeling regretful, as I still got enough time for freetime activities, than painting 30 hours and feeling miserable all the time. I'm obviously not a person who can get all the joy from just painting all day and night long. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy that once in a while, too, but I also need to get out and have some social time time be a happy person. 
So here it is, my Schedule of Doom. I'm trying to stick with it. So far it seems to wokr out pretty well, but ask me again in a few weeks :)

I also thought that it was time to keep on doing my screenshotstudies. So here are a few :) Gotta practice more, they take way too long D:

As I wanted to restart my good-morning studies, just to keep up with the painting practice each day, I also started to just paint stuff, now matter what. And as that lovely Spitpaint Group seems to explode right now, I thought to give it a try, too
 Here are a few of my horrible attempts:

Yeeees, I really gotta practice... I just don't know where to start D: 

Also more freelancework on it's way. Gonna tell you more next year. ~150 hours a painting, 16 hours painting-time a week... you do the math ;)


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