Hey, I'm back... partially

Yay! Seems like I could find some time to gather up some of the studies and doodles I did the past weeks..

Actually except from the SCS that I only upload because I feel like all of them should be complete, thought they're already a little older.

And the last few month I challenged myself with drawing 100 heads in a row. Most of them are from photoreference from hair magazines, some from photos and a few from life, from head, or wes burt :3 lalala

And next some studies I did following along the mentoring class over at the Crimson Daggers. I'm really attending the class, but the assignments are so inspiring, I couldn't resist :) So here are a few Bouguereau Studies and some skulls from life. :)

 And some more Characters from my sketchbook of course :D

 Now back to work.

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