We'll meet again in winter

Okay, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to update this blog much this year, since I got so many illustrations to finish until december. From now on that means 1 colored illustration a week. (And I can't show them until next year either D:

Anyway, but I can show some stuff that got released recently and also some studies.
Let's start with characters!

Life drawings depicting my lovely husband

Frazetta 15 minute value-composition studies (I really recommend those, learned tons from them)

Photostudies, still practicing landscapes, all 20 minutes

And finally some illustration I did from May (first one) until June/July (Last ones) All for "Das schwarze Auge"

 Well then, take care :)

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Laura García said...

everything is amazing! I especially like the landscape studies. Good luck with your plans! It´s great to see you so busy :) you are an inspiration