Wow, I could actually do some studies this week! Got some more work in progress but first and foremost I gotta try to understand how to paint landscapes!

This weekend I could actually do my first digital plein air painting. I went to my mother's house to paint in the garden where I could have a little privacy. But as it turned out the price of being in a comfortable garden is the lack of a nice site. But it was got to have a test run to see what kind of equipment I'd need when I really get outside to paint. Just bought an umbrella (That's actually supposed to be put on a baby buggy), a camping chair and a coupling plate for my tripod. Going to build something on my own so I can use my tablet :D I'll post photos when I'm finished ;)

So here's the outcome! Colours look pretty much different, as I had a lot of reflectinglight on my tablet. Composition kinda sucks too... all stuff I need to get better next time :D

And some studies from photos too. (I need to practice mooore D:)

Figure studies from photos:

aaand character sketcheeeees:

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David Knox said...

Die Berge (Bild #4) und die Priesterin (vorletztes Bild) gefallen mir am besten. :)

Und die Idee mit dem Kinderwagen-Regenschirm klingt toll. xD