I... gotta... practice... more!!!

Uhhh, I should remind myself of updating this! Already been two weeks. Man, how time passes by!
I'm currently busy with some comission work. Still struggling a lot. I wish I had more time for personal studies. There still so much to learn!
Currently on my study-list:

- Tonal composition (I'm currently doing thumbnail studies of Frazetta illustrations)
- Landscapes (Again and again... will I ever learn it? I hope so)
- Poses, more perspective and detail Anatomy

I also wish I could practice more faces... but there's only so much time a day :)

And now I look at the date I see thet I'll turn 26 next week So much at becoming an awesome artist while still being 25. I guess no one will have a super talent blast level up pill for me for the next week?
No? Hm...
So I'll better keep practicing then. "Being awesome" has never even been a measurable goal after all. ;)

Character Sketch dump!!!!

And Photostudies:


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