Schleiertanz Stuff :D

Buuuusy times!
But I can finally show some more finished stuff, yay! So here are some b/w illustration I did for Schleiertanz

And some more pencil sketches too! These were lots of fun! I acutally drew the first ones just before the Role Play Convention and the last ones after that. I gathered a lot of information about armour and what more details you can put on yout characters outfits. So those are pretty much stuffed with... stuff :D

Still gotta go on practicing the shouldergirdle. Also working on some art tests, some more finished illustration where I can't quite find out  how to draw the whole background but anyways.. just keep it going :D


miro said...

Ich find die Schleiertanzzeichnungen sehr stimmungsvoll. Besten Dank dafür. :-)

PS: Dein Captcha hat mich fast überfordert, aber ich habs grad noch geschafft.

SKETCHFro! said...

You are a bit unbelieveable with those B&W Illustrations. Those are awesome, I love the lighting and the shades.