Clouds, Mountains and Frustration

Uhhh, I should really try to keep my updates regular, but my schedule is kind of chaotic right now.
I' dealing with a bit of frustration again. So you know the feeling when you notice that you forgot stuff you're sure you already knew? I hate it :( Anyways, I think I'm gonna relax a bit, as I was stressing myself out a little too much.
This weekend I'm going to be in Munich for a good friend's wedding and the weekend after that I'll be at the RPC in Cologne stalking other people :) Really looking forward to that and hope that frustration might go away eventually.

So here comes the update!


Church Masterstudy:

 Photostudies: I really struggle with painitng clouds these days, and I don't know what to do about it :( Already studying a lot of them but I didn'T really find out yet


 And some illustrations I did for the Aventurischer Bote 152:

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