Getting my sketchbook out again

Heaaa! I had a really fun time with my tablet in the train, but this week I left it at home and did some pencil studies again. Mainly studying tons of Loomis heads that I won't scan as they're too many :) But I think they helped. Also been working on more personal stuff. That WIP has been redrawn about a 100 times now but I think now I'm at a state where I can start to render it, as I'm kind of satisfied with the composition and figure drawings.

So here are the remaining digital studies:

I also figured out that you could use tennis photos as a nice reference for Sword fights. Although you would have to do some modifications. These two are both closely referenced and you see that it looks kind of strange. I think the first one works better than the last but you can still see that it's been tennis :D Just kinda wanted to tell that.

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Melanie Maier said...

Wahh... ich habe die beiden Bilder gesehen, bevor ich gelesen habe, woher du die Posen hast. Und nun kann ich da nicht mehr draufschauen, ohne an Tennisschläger, Steffi Graf und Boris Becker zu denken X)

Die Kriegerin finde ich übrigens richtig, richtig gut. Toller Flatterrock, überzeugende Anatomie und Pose (ja.. auch, wenn sie eigentlich Tennisspielerin ist) :)