Longer studies pay off

Okay, this week I can't show as much as last week as I these studies took a lot more time than the ones I did last week. I noticed it really pays off to spend some more quality time with one study than just to do a large amount of them. It really helps me to get into the painting process again.
I also try not to get as angry while painting than I used to. Still hard, but it's getting better.
Although I'm not quite satisfied with how these look yet, but maybe I'll get there... eventually... one day *sigh* Gnrhajglskdjfheiend. Positive thinking!! Yaaaay!
And I want to have a cake :(
Ah, and I'm working on a master study and try to stream it everytime I get to continue with it. I'll announce when I'll stream on twitter and facebook, so feel free to add me, if you're interested.
And now I'll get back to my SCS and try not to puke *lol*

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