Okay, so as last week I kind of just produced shit, I started to spend a little more time on my SCS. I really wanted to focus on the face construction and getting the likeness right. And I sort of think that I succeded, at least a lot more than last week, so I went back into color again. Also did a really long study where I tried to get as close to the photo as I could manage. What I also did this week was to not think so much about brushwork. Funny thing is, it seems that this comes with form. So while thinking about how to render a form best, you also think about what to do with you brush and what brush to use. That was really interesting. So the beginning of this week went well. But then it all got worse... I don't really know what happend. It seems that I can only maintain a certain amount of time of high concentration and as the week goes on I seem to haved used all of that time and just can't concentrate anymore oO So yesterday everything somehow collapsed in a big desperate breakdown, but I think I can work again today. Don't know what to do about that, any advice is welcome.
I always see people working so hard every day, and I can't really believe that I am not able to do that too... Maybe it's just training? I don't know.. Anyway, gotta keep going on. So here's all the shit I worked on this week:


And character drawing (I really need to grab a pencil once in a while :) )

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