EPIC FAIL!!!! (or: the more I fail now, the more potential there is to get better!)

Okay, so there's this theory about doing 10000 hours of practice until you master a skill. When I assume that I can practice 3 hours a day it means I got 10 years D: But fortunately I already started a few years ago, so I think that I will have 5 more years. So no more chatting, I'd better waste no time and continue :)

So here's my update, lot's of practice.. colors, shape, form and: BLENDING *gruahhhhhhg* I forgot how to do it. Still didn't figure out an interwsitng and effective way of blending and rendering. I'm especially interested in the contrasting edges, hard transitions, soft blending... So much more to learn D: Also experimenting with some more brushes, techniques, how to start, how to proceed, and a few more finished colour illustration to do. But I'm afraid to start coloring when I don't even now how to render anymore :(

Anyways, here's the usual SCS (lots of fail this week) as well as photostudies I did on the go...

See? FAIL FAIL FAIIIIIIL!!!! Uahhhh! But I'm super motivated to make them look better!

Did I mention I really like the light they use in erotic photography? It makes the skin look so soft, smooth and warm!

Pencil FAILS Muahahahha

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