My Preeeeeciooouuusssss

Last tuesday I got something really cool: An Asus EP121, that'as a tablet PC with pressure sensitivity that I can use to paint on the go, in my case: on the train!
So I can not only draw on my way to work, but also paint! Already got a numpad to have something to use my shortcuts, and I'm going to get a new stylus for it too, so I have a right click as well. I think I need a little more practice but it's going to be awesome :D

Here are a few shitty studies I did using it (first two from photo, rest from life):

So what did I study this week? I got a nice advice over at conceptart.org to concentrate more on the actual forms and planes while doing my SCstudies, so I took extra care of that. It took a few studies to get it, actually I needed this sunday and a little review of the good old planes of the head by Loomis. But I think I got some of it into my head again. Gonna keep that in mind more often.

Here's my result from imagination after all those studies:

I think that's the best head from imagination in the shortest amount of time I ever did. YAY!
Now I will do a character study in color. And as I already announced, I will get more into clothing details and materials, so here are a few material studies.... Didn't really succeed I guess, any advice is welcome!

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