Let's have some colour!

So this week I could finally start to do some stuff from life with my tablet pc :D As my husband is the only one who wants to model for me once in a while (As you can see he doesn't really like it ;) )I bought a wig dummy, life size so I could at least study some features and how the planes work under different light conditions. Not as nice as a real life model, but my figure drawing classes were cancelled once again (since over a year now *sigh*), so I think it's better than nothing.

Also a photostudy I did in the train... It's quite interesting how different these pictures look when you watch them on a big monitor D: But it's good practice anyway!

And I redid the velvet material sphere from memory this time...

And there's no week without my SCstudies :D This time with some colour, baby :D #62 looked like shit, and I forgot to save the file :( But I actually learned a bit from it: DDon'T "guess" what colour you should apply, better know it!

Nah, still lot's of bad stuff, but I hope it will get better :(

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