I need to do more studies!

Okay, some more Stuff to show. I'm trying to get more perspective into my character drawings. Also need to practice more natural looking gestures. Still so much to learn! And my faces look all the same. But I'm quite happy they don't look like mutants, so I bear with the likeness for now :)

Life study, didn't turn out as well as I expected. Need to do more of those. But I really noticed it helps to do studies from life again, get a much more painterly feeling into those.. and that's what I need to concentrate on.
Also a Leyendecker study. I'm still not sure what kind of brushwork or look I want in my paintings, so I'm trying to study some more techniques and maybe I can gather enough information to incorporate them into my own paintings eventually...

And Screenshot Studies! I reached Number 50, yay! Definetly need to work on female portraits, male seem to work better now. Pretty characters are a lot more difficult to paint... But I kind of like the technique I'm using here. I will do a city environment study next that will take a lot longer to see where I can take this approach with a more complex scene. 

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