Happy 2012 everyone!

2012 has just begun! I went skiing over the holidays and just came back from a great week with lots of sport, fun, food and sleep.But wow, just one week out of my general schedule and I feel like I forgot everything! But no excuses, I need to get back to work :)

Just before christmas I took a little break and thought about all the things I achieved in 2011 and all the things that are still to come this year.

So what did I achieve 2011?
I could improve my anatomy a lot. Also improved animal anatomy. I can now construct a human being that doesn't look like a mutant and a horse that doesn't look like a plushie. My goal for next year: Being able to draw a natural looking human in a larger variety of realistic poses.

I worked hard on improving my perspective skills. Not only construction of more complex scenes in Perspective, but also simple things like turning a box or a ribcage in space as I like. I'll need to go on practicing more complex forms, and improve further on this until it becomes second nature to me.

I could improve my composition skills and will work further on creating interesting pictures and hope that I can think of every detail.

I improved on the finishing touches and my whole process of painting a picture. I took the "becoming a better artist" workshop by Robert Chang which helped me to think about every detail while creating an image and turned it into a process I could finally manage. I now think about way more details then before and made it a logical procedure instead of just jumping right into it without a real plan.

I also think that I could improve my pencil line quality.

I improved my design skills in characters.

I can draw clothing and fabric a little better now, but I need to work further on that skill and think about more details, like how a sleeve ends, how a shirt folds around the neck etc.

I also improved on painting city environments. That worked together with improving my imagination of things in perspective.

As a conclusion I'd say that this year I can finally call myself a competent artist. Not great yet, there's still so much to learn, but I got the basics now and I can build upon that knowledge to become the best artist I can possibly be :)

And here's what I want to improve on next year:

I definitely need to improve my rendering skills and brushwork. I'm not quite satisfied with how my pictures look like finished now. The problem is I don't really know yet WHERE I want to go with that. I think I will do a few master studies that I really like, maybe even ones that got totally different technique, like maybe a study of Zorn, Gerome and Leyendecker or Rockwell... As I said, I'm really not sure where I want to go there, or how to decide what direction to take.

I also need to study more materials and make them read. I want to do more still life studies again. Hopefully I can find time to get them in :)

I will do some detailed clothing studies to improve on all those little details that make clothing look more realistic and convincing.

I need to improve on Gesture. I also need to do more life drawing. Maybe I'll get some friends to model for me. I want to create more natural looking poses, also a variety of body types.

Faces. They still suck. I'll never get done and bored practicing them, it's my favorite thing to draw and to render and I still suck at it.

I'll do more of my 20-30 min screenshot studies until I reach 100 and see where it got me. I used them to experiment with the rendering technique, but I noticed that the face construction still sucks and I want to find a method how to maintain the construction I can do with lines in value.

Well,' that's practically it for now. I don't want to post without art, so here are a the last few SCS I did 2011 and the first one I did today.


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LG said...

Nice reading and good stuff! Lets do this!