Hey guys! I'm still doing these pencil character commissions. So if you are interested in one, just contact me and I'll give you a quotation.


Sketches, Studies, Portraits

Here are some more character sketches

Some fanarts for Brents Weeks' Lightbringer Series <3

And a photo-study that I'm not quite satisfied with :/


Studies and Charactersketches

Hey there! Here are a few quick color studies from life:

And some more commissioned Charactersketches. (If you're interested in ordering a charactersketch, feel free to contact me for further information)


Sketches, Studies and Conventions

I haven't done any character sketches recently, and as the next convention is approaching, I felt like I had to get into it a bit more.
So if you want to get your RPG character done (somewhat like the one below) and you happen to visit the Rat-Con in Unna: I'll be there to draw your character :)

Also some photostudies...



Two photo-studies ... First one was a pretty long one, 4 hours? Second one pretty quick, 1.5 h

And the last character I did for my little facebook contest (see post below)