Two photo-studies ... First one was a pretty long one, 4 hours? Second one pretty quick, 1.5 h

And the last character I did for my little facebook contest (see post below)


Let me draw your Character

As some of you might know, I spend 2 hours a day travelling to work by train and most of that time I'm sketching. I usually use the character generator from the crimson-daggers forums to get some ideas going, but I thought:
As I'm sketching anyway, why not make you benefit from it?

So here's how it works:

1. You post a brief description of your original(!) character in the comments below. If you feel like it, you can even just post a few keywords.
2. I chose a description that inspires me.
3. I make a train-character-sketch based on the descprition and post the result about a week later.
4. I restart the game, and you can post your description again (or a new one) under the new sketch.

Feel free to share 

(Notice that as this is supposed to be fun, there are no revisions and I won't give away any originals.)

Und nochmal auf deutsch 

//Ich zeichne deinen Charakter//

Wie manche vielleicht wissen, pendel ich jeden Tag 2 Stunden mit dem Zug zur Arbeit. Meistens nutze ich die Zeit, um zu zeichnen. Normalerweile nutze ich den Charakter-Generator vom Crimson-Daggers Forum, um ein paar Anregungen zu haben, aber ich dachte:
Da ich eh schon zeichne, warum solltet ihr davon nicht profitieren?

Und so funktioniert's:

1. Poste eine kurze Beschreibung deines Charakters in den Kommentaren.
2. Ich suche mir eine Beschreibung aus, die mich inspiriert.
3. Ich fertige eine Zug-Charakter-Skizze auf Basis der Beschreibung an, und poste das Resultat eine Woche später.
4. Wenn das ganze gut funktioniert, starten wir das Spiel von vorne, und ihr könnt eure Beschreibung erneut unter dem neuen Bild posten.

Teilen erwünscht 

(Da das ganze Spaß machen soll, gibt es keine Korrekturen und ich gebe keine Originale aus)
Last week I chose Melanie Phantagrafie's character Laurent.

So this week you got another chance.
I you want to enter again, make sure to copy your description under the new sketch.
I'll post the result next thursday evening.


Pencil sketches

It's been a while since I posted!
So here are some more of my train-drawings!


And some Characters:

And here are some paintings/studies I missed to post yet :)



These Daily Spitpaints are really useful to keep me motivated. Even if the results aren't quite satisfying, they teach me what I really have to look out for, and keep you going, even if you don't feel like it.
Here's the whole bunch of the last weeks, max. 30 minutes each, each for a different topic.
Check out the facebook group, if you haven't yet, I can really recommend that practice

I figured out that I had to practice being efficient with my brushstrokes. So here's a 30 minute study of the female figure :)

And a 30 min. study of a female face, and with a try to get it from memory. I think the structure's okay, but I totally forgot how the skintones looked O:

I'm also attending a drawing/painting class and I started bringing my Tablet, so I could also do some coloured studies. We're just painting fruits and leaves, but I find that really helpful. The atmosphere is also quite encouraging and I learn a lot. There may come more of those! All about 1,5 h

And here's an unfinished study ... Don't know if I'll finish :P